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A Wifi modem for the C64

As there is a growing number of ESP8266 base Wifi-modems for retro computers out there I decided to build one myself.

My personal feature list:

  • connected to and powered by the C64 userport
  • simple, AT command based interface
  • usable with existing terminal software for the C64 out there
  • 2400 baud (I wanted to keep the circuit as simple as possible)
  • an OLED display for status information and show effect

The parts list (links are provided for reference and convenience only, they are no affiliate links):

The schematics (Updated on 20.08.2017):

The firmware can be found on GitHub, I used an existing firmware, removed stuff I didn’t need and added OLED support. To compile you need the Arduino IDE, the ESP8266 arduino core and the esp8266-oled-ssd1306 library.

Wifi-modem booting and connecting:Connected to Wifi:Connected to BBS:

Decision making

Today I decided to build something helping me to decide stuff. So I decided to build an electronic dice with an included YES/NO-answering machine.

I used a spare MSP430G2452 that came with one of my MSP Launchpads.

Below is the schematics (CC5 source code on request):


As you can see on the photo of the eDice I used two different colors for the LEDs. When pressing the YES/NO-button either the green (YES) or the yellow (NO) LEDs light up.

When used as a dice one to six LEDs show you the value of your dice roll.

I had no battery holder therefore I built one using some wires and lots of solder…