Blog update

As you might have noticed I changed the theme of the BLOG and I enabled comments for BLOG posts.

Comments are manually approved for now and I might disable the feature again if spamming gets to intense…


Decision making

Today I decided to build something helping me to decide stuff. So I decided to build an electronic dice with an included YES/NO-answering machine.

I used a spare MSP430G2452 that came with one of my MSP Launchpads.

Below is the schematics (CC5 source code on request):


As you can see on the photo of the eDice I used two different colors for the LEDs. When pressing the YES/NO-button either the green (YES) or the yellow (NO) LEDs light up.

When used as a dice one to six LEDs show you the value of your dice roll.

I had no battery holder therefore I built one using some wires and lots of solder…