PC Inventory

Privileg NB8 Notebook Cyrix Cx486SLC2, 50 MHz 4MB 120MB Chips&Tech VGA 256KB n/a n/a FreeDOS
Targa NB539 Notebook Intel i486DX4, 100 MHz 8MB 773MB Chips&Tech VGA 256KB n/a SB Compatible MS-DOS 6.22, Win 3.11
Compaq LTE 5001 Notebook Intel Pentium, 90 MHz 16MB 776MB Cirrus Logic SVGA 1MB n/a SB Compatible Win 95
Toshiba Satellite Pro 430CDS Notebook Intel Pentium Mobile, 120 MHz 32MB 7.87GB C&T 65550 2MB n/a SB Compatible Win 98SE
Acer TravelMate 290 Notebook Intel Pentium M, 1400 MHz 2GB 20GB ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 8MB Realtek AC’97 Win 98SE
Pentium 200 MMX Desktop Intel Pentium MMX, 200 MHz 64MB 7.87GB S3 Virge Voodoo 1 Soundblaster AWE64 PnP Win 98SE
AMD K6-2 333 Desktop AMD-K6-2, 333 MHz 160MB 31.5GB NVIDIA Riva 128 Voodoo 2 Soundblaster AWE64 PnP Win 98SE
Athlon 1GHz Desktop AMD Athlon, 1000 MHz 512MB 76.7GB   Voodoo 2 Soundblaster PCI128 Win 98SE


Name Description
Tie Fighter Box, Manual, Diskset
Bladerunner Box, Manual, CDset
Sid Meier’s Civilization II Box, Manual, CD
Sid Meier’s Civilization III Box, CD
Earth 2140 Cover CD only
POD: Planet of Death CD only
Dark Reign CD case
Half-Life 2x, SlimBox, CD
Sim City 2000 SlimBox, CD
Homeworld CD case
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer CD case
Wing commander III – Heart of the tiger Box, Manual, CDset
Wing commander IV – The price of freedom Box, Manual, CDset
Max Payne 2 – The fall of Max Payne Box, Manual, CDset
Descent Bundle, CD only
Virtual Pool
Need for Speed – Most Wanted CD only
Kings Quest VIII Bundle, CD case
The even more incredible machine
Kings Quest I
Tilt! CD only
Turrican II CD only
Populous – The begining CD case
Mech Warrior 2 CD case
Myst Bundle, Box, Diskset
Conflict: Freespace Bundle, Box, Diskset
Freespace 2
Unreal II SlimBox, CD
Gothic SlimBox, CD
Hulk SlimBox, CD
X2 – Die Bedrohung SlimBox, CD
Warcraft II – Battle.net Edition SlimBox, CD
Black & White SlimBox, CD
Wiggles SlimBox, CD
Incoming Forces SlimBox, CD
Virtual Pool Hall SlimBox, CD
Spore SlimBox, CD
Torchlight II SlimBox, CD
Diablo II SlimBox, CD
Star Wars – The old republic SlimBox, CD
Metro 2033 SlimBox, CD
Tomb Raider 4 Cover CD only
Grand Touring Cover CD only
GTA 2 Cover CD only
Shadow Company Cover CD only
Turok 2 Cover CD only
Soul Reaver Cover CD only
Das fuenfte Element Cover CD only
Airline Tycoon Cover CD only
Afterlife Cover CD only
Ground Control Cover CD only
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Deluxe Edition Cover CD only
Sub Culture Cover CD only
MDK 2 2x, Cover CD only
Descent 2 2x, CD case
Pro Pinball The Web Bundle, CD case
Pro Pinball Timeshock
Mech Warrior 2 Mercenaries CD case
Shattered Steel CD case
MS Age of Empires CD case
Gothic II CD case
Warcraft III CD case
Sacrifice CD case
Warcraft II – Tides of Darkness CD case
Heavy metal FAKK 2 CD case
Zork, Der Grossinquisitor CD case
Spellforce The order of dawn CD case
Breed CD case
Aquanox 2 Revelation CD case
Starlance CD case
Starcraft CD case
Starcraft Brood Wars CD case
X Beyond the frontier CD case
MDK CD case
Half-Life: Counterstrike CD case
G-Police CD case
Earth 2150: Escape from the blue planet CD case
Unreal Tournament CD case
Unreal CD case
Unreal Return to NaPali CD case
Incoming CD case
Descent 3 2x, CD case
Deathkarz Cover CD only
Turok Cover CD only
Viper Racing Cover CD only
Tempest 2000 CD case
Command & Conquer: Alarmstufe Rot CD case
Diablo CD case
Duke Nukem Manhattan Project CD case
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force CD case
I was an Atomic Mutant CD case
Knights and Merchants CD case
Star Wars – X-Wing Bundle, CD case
Star Wars – Rebel Assault
Star Wars – Force Commander CD case
Star Wars – X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter CD case
Star Wars – Shadows of the empire CD case
Star Wars – Jedi Knight CD case
Star Wars – X-Wing Alliance CD case
Lemmings Bundle, CD case
Lemmings II
Lemmings III
Babylon 5 Infotainment CD case
Oni CD case
Myst III – Exile CD case
Hexen II CD case
Heretic II CD case
Rayman 2 CD case
Die Siedler II SlimBox, CD
Serious Sam – The first encounter SlimBox, CD
Serious Sam – The second encounter SlimBox, CD
Earth 2150 Trilogie Metal Box, CD
The Ultimate Doom GOG.com
Final Doom GOG.com
Doom II + Master Levels GOG.com
Tie Fighter Collectors CD GOG.com
Master of Orion GOG.com
Master of Orion 2 GOG.com
Dungeon Keeper Gold GOG.com
Dungeon Keeper 2 GOG.com
Duke Nuken Atomic Edition GOG.com
Stargunner GOG.com
Tyrian 2000 GOG.com