Next generation dinosaur

When working on my old Pentium 200 I bought an PCI-USB card at an eBay-shop called Goniema. When I discovered their non-eBay-shop and saw the selection of retro PC stuff and their prices I decided to build another retro-PC from the generation after the P200.

A friend of mine had a spare ATX case and so I ordered a selection of components:

  • A QDI KinetiZ 7B mainboard with a VIA KT133 chipset
  • 512MB of RAM.
  • An AMD Athlon with 1GHz.
  • Another 3COM 3C905C.
  • A Terratec DMX soundcard which sadly did not work well with the mainboard and I had to replace it with a SoundBlaster PCI128.
  • A NVIDIA Geforce4  MX440 based AGP card with 64MB of RAM. It had a heat problem therefore I had to replace this one, too. I got another card with the same chip, this time even with a DVI output.
  • A Creative 3D-Blaster with Voodoo 2 chipset and 12MB of RAM.
  • 2x 80GB HDDs and a CD-Writer.
  • Another PCI-USB-card.

After some driver hunting on the internet and swapping around cards and stuff the box runs fine and with lightning speed (compared to the other box).

I managed to buy a Voodoo 3 2000 on eBay and tried that out, but the Geforce 4/Voodoo 2 combination works better for me.