Music in the air

I have an old radiogram from the 1950s for some years now. It is working fine regarding the radio reception and has a very nice sound. Nonetheless I never managed to get the record player working in a satisfying manner. The problem is that the mechanic is full of very old oil and therefore the playback is wavering all the time. The only solution I found when googling the problem is to completely disassemble the record player, clean all moving parts from old oil traces and reassemble the whole thing again. I didn’t feel up to that… We both hate listening to radio stations because of all the jingles, ads and stupid radio hosts. So what to do with such a nice piece of sound hardware? The solution is Bluetooth. IMG_20150104_113507 The 10k potentiometer visible in my contraption is not really necessary because the output level of the Bluetooth receiver is perfekt, but I didn’t know that beforehand and wanted to be able to reduce the level.